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Is There Any Advice That You Can Offer Regarding Nausea in Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-12-27 14:14

Is There Any Advice That You Can Offer Regarding Nausea in Chinese MedicineQ: I am 60 years old. I suffered Kidney Damage in July this year induced by the use of cardiac medication, predominantly ACE inhibitors, which I had taken since suffering a heart attack in 2008. I continue to experience nausea most days. Is there any advice that you can offer regarding nausea in Chinese Medicine?

A: I would like to tell you that kidney damage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is easy to treat. But the key point of the treatment should focus on repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and restore renal functions from the root.

What are the Chinese Medicine Treatments for kidney damage with nausea?

As for kidney damage, Toxin-Removing Treatment and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are suggested to you. There are too many toxins in kidney due to the abused medications. Thus the first thing is to remove the toxins out of the body so that providing a favorable inner environment for the further medications. Toxin-removing treatment simply aims to remove the toxins out of the body effectively.

In the clean kidney, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and then improve renal functions. This therapy is on the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) without any side effects. Meanwhile, it is external application so that you can not feel any pain and discomfort. Thereby you do not need to worry about the adverse reactions. With the help of osmotic machine, the active materials of Chinese medicine can help you repair renal damage and improve renal functions effectively. As long as kidney damage is repaired, nauseas or other symptoms will disappear naturally.

Because you are diagnosed with kidney damage in early stage, so it is extremely necessary to take proper and curative treatments in time so that the condition becomes serious. In the case, it will be difficult to reverse the condition.

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