Can Patient with Creatinine 10 Stop Dialysis by Using Chinese Medicine

2016-12-10 12:00

Creatinine 10,Stop Dialysis,Chinese MedicineCreatinine more than 10 is a dangerous station for people with kidney disease. It is common to see that doctors recommend dialysis for them and most of them are on dialysis now. If they do not want dialysis, can it be stopped?

This is a very common question no matter for what kind of patients who are taking dialysis now. You can call for ONLINE DOCTOR to get what you want to know.

Is there any chance for creatinine 10 patients stop dialysis?

To be honest, if dialysis patients still have high creatinine level, it is not hard to see that dialysis is not work well for them anymore. We know about the function of dialysis is to eliminate some parts of toxins in blood, with this way, creatinine level can be reduced quickly. While now creatinine still at the level of 10, means dialysis can not control the illness condition and can not clean too much toxins for patients. So that we need to think about something different. Only try to find some tools for us for survival, why not try our best to repair the damage on kidneys and make the kidney function work again. After that, kidneys will discharge toxins by themselves again. Get rid of dialysis is possible.

Is there any treatment or cure for creatinine 10?

For this kind of patients only relay one simple kind of treatment is not enough, the best way for them should be combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Immunotherapy should be a good choice for them. It is a perfect combination of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, which can give patients a systemic treatment for both kidneys and body. With it kidney damage can be repaired, kidney function can be restored in some degree and creatinine level can be reduced naturally without dialysis.

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