Can Kidney Failure Patients Take Stem Cell Therapy to Instead of Surgery

2016-11-15 11:12

Stem Cell Therapy,Kidney Failure,No SurgeryCan Kidney Failure patients take Stem Cell Therapy to Instead of Surgery? I am from USA, was diagnosed with kidney failure. And I have been on peritoneal dialysis for over 4 years. Is there a possible treatment with stem cells without surgery? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Can Stem Cell Therapy treat for kidney failure patients?

Currently the renal failure patients are increasing worldwide and there is no proper treatment available for kidney disease. While as a brand new treatment in the world, Stem Cell Therapy is expected to treat for kidney failure now. After long time practices, Stem cell therapy which can be given via multiple injection and it works effectively in kidney failure patients.

How does Stem Cell Therapy work for kidney failure patients without surgery?

Stem cells can provide improvement like reduced creatinine level because stem cells like mesenchymal stem cells has the ability to differentiate into renal specific cells such as nephron, tubular epithelial cells, nephron and others. When stem cells are infused into renal patients via using catheterization into the renal artery, they begin to regenerate the damaged kidney tissues and also activate resident stem cells in the renal via para/autocrine signaling. Stem Cells can supply better environment to regenerate the injured kidney cells via differentiating into the renal specific cells and also induce the resident stem cells.

Stem Cell Therapy has some advantages including antiapoptic, immune modulation, anti-inflammation and antifibrosis. Stem cells can reduce or maintain serum creatinine level in end stage kidney patients for a long time.

In most condition, we prefer to use Chinese medicine treatment to combine with Stem Cell Therapy for kidney failure patients to have a much better environment without toxins for the living of kidneys.

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