Is There a Necessary for Every Patient with Kidney Disease Take Renal Biopsy

2016-10-11 10:58

Kidney Disease,Besides Renal Biopsy,Alternative TestsIs there a necessary for every patient with Kidney Disease take Renal Biopsy? There are various types of kidney disease. Different kidney disease has different treatment. But clinical manifestation is similar. At present, biopsy is a common inspection method for diagnosing the type of kidney disease. Renal Biopsy is the most common choice. But how much do you know about renal biopsy? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What kind of patients cannot do renal biopsy as the test?

At present, recognized contraindication has solitary kidney(only has one kidney or just one kidney has function), obvious bleeding tendency(low platelet, poor blood coagulation function), severe hypertension, mental disease, kidney infection, kidney cancer, kidney position is too high, chronic kidney failure etc. but when the clinical symptoms are controlled, some patients still can do biopsy.

What are the complications of renal biopsy?


Almost 100% of patients have microscopic haematuria, most of patients can disappear within 1-2 days automatically. But minority patients will appear gross hematuria, it can disappear automatically after several days if the patient’s condition is stable.

perirenal hematoma

Incidence rate is high. Most of them is asymptomatic small hematoma, no need to do with it. If the hematoma is big, the patients have to limit their movement. If it necessary, the patients have to do surgical treatment.

arterio-venous fistula

Biopsy can make the arteriovenous directly connected in the kidneys. In general, there is no obvious symptom, majority can close by itself. The patients can adopt to artery embolization.

In addition, the patients also can appear other complications of low rate, such as massive haemorrhage and then have to do nephrectomy, and shock etc.

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