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Alternative Medicine to Help Kidney Function

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-28 17:04

Question: I have been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure and I am about to lose my second transplanted kidney due to reoccur of focal Glomerulonephritis. I am wanting to try an alternative meds to help my kidney function....please help!

Alternative Medicine to Help Kidney FunctionDoctor: Focal Glomerulonephritis is also called focal segmental glomerulus sclerosis (FSGS). There is a high recurrence rate for most FSGS patients after kidney transplant. You said that you have been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure, if you would like not kidney transplant again, you should live on with dialysis or some other ways to help filter the wastes building up in your body. The common medicines you take may be used to control blood pressure and proteinuria, such as ACE inhibitors, ARB and diuretics. They can control symptoms, but they can not improve your kidney function.

Polluted Blood Therapy is a medical treatment to kidney failure. It can not only cleanse the wastes in the blood, but also supply the necessary substances for kidney rebuilding. This therapy is usually combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of them have the function of dilating blood vessels and preventing kidney tissue fibrosis. Some of them can inhibit the inflammatory response in the kidney as well as repair the damaged kidney. When the damaged kidney recovers to a certain extent, you do not need kidney transplant nor dialysis.

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