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What Does Bilateral Renal Parenchyma Changes Mean

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-26 14:56

Questions: My mother in law is a diabetic patient, and her report says normal cortical thickness but increase in echotexture for both kidneys. Doctors mention there are bilateral renal parenchyma changes. What does it mean?

What Does Bilateral Renal Parenchyma Changes MeanDoctors: Kidneys contain two types of renal medical conditions, parenchymal and vascular. Renal parenchyma refers to kidney functioning tissues. The echo can be used to detect changes within renal parenchyma. Normally, the echotexture of renal parenchymal is even. Increase in echotexture for both kidneys indicate abnormal changes.

Since your mother in law has diabetes, it is more likely to reveal diabetes has attacked kidneys. As introduced by nephrologists, kidney disease caused by diabetes usually doesn’t show changes in kidney size, but the echotexture under B ultrasound increases. From this analysis, we can know your mother in law has developed diabetic kidney disease. If left alone, more and more kidney functioning tissues will be damaged. Finally, diabetic kidney disease may aggravate into kidney failure.

Since we have known what bilateral renal parenchymal changes mean for your mother in law, you should take effective treatment timely. The first step is to control the underlying causes, for example, lowering high blood glucose. Then, some treatments such as TCM should be taken to repair damaged kidney functioning cells. Never miss the best treatment time.


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